YouTuber found guilty of humiliating the Homeless!!!

YouTuber found guilty of humiliating the Homeless!!!

Europe: An influencer in Spain got sentenced to 15 months in prison and 20,000 euros fine for posting a YouTube video in which he offered homeless man biscuits loaded down with toothpaste instead of cream, a court said on Friday.

Kan-Hua Ren, popularly known as ReSet, was discovered guilty of an offense against moral integrity in his video published in January 2017 on his Youtube channel and later removed, the Barcelona court said.

He was put to 15 months in prison, which he won’t probably need to serve as in Spain sentences of as long as two years are forbidden for the first-time guilty offenders of a non-violent crime.

As a compensation Ren was ordered by the magistrate to pay 20,000 euros to the homeless beggar and close down his social media channels for 5yrs.

Instigated by one of his social media follower Ren, who was 19 at the time, recorded himself removing cream from the biscuits and loading it with toothpaste instead.

Then he gave those toothpaste-filled-biscuits to the Romanian homeless person along with a 20-euro.

“Perhaps I went somewhat far, however, let’s take it positively, it will enable him to clean his teeth, I don’t think he has regularly brushed his teeth since he is so poor,” Ren told his followers, according to a court document.

The video posted by Ren started received flak from his followers, so Ren posted another one in which he returned to see the man and gave him 20 euros.

“If I had done this with a normal person, no-one would have said a thing, but as he is a beggar people are complaining,” he said in a message accompanying the video, according to the court document.

Among the 200 most compelling Spanish influencers on YouTube at the time, police said Ren at that point attempted to stop the beggar from making a complaint and also offered him 300 euros for the same.

Police included he often targeted less privileged individuals in recordings on his channel, where he earned enough cash for himself through advertising.

“I get things done for showmanship,” he told the court.

On Friday, Ren’s two YouTube channels, which separately have more than 1.2 million and 250,000 supporters, were still live on the internet.