TIME magazine cover features PM Modi with a Headline ‘India’s Divider In Chief’

TIME magazine cover features PM Modi with a Headline ‘India’s Divider In Chief’

Time magazine has featured Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on its cover for May 20, 2019, with a headline that reads: ‘India’s Divider in Chief”.

“Under Modi govt, minorities of every stripe from liberals and lower castes to Muslims and Christians have come under assault, India is “more divided than ever,” the cover story “Can the World’s Largest Democracy Endure Another Five Years of a Modi Government?” by journalist Aatish Taseer reads.

Highlighting the rising populism in democracies like Turkey, Brazil, Britain, the US and India, Taseer writes, “Of the great democracies to fall to populism, India was the first.” Under Prime Minister Modi, nation’s most basic norms, such as the character of the Indian state, its founding fathers, the place of minorities and its institutions, from universities to corporate houses to the media, were shown to be severely distrusted,” it said.

” Lucky to be blessed with so weak an opposition, a ragtag coalition of parties, led by the Congress, with no agenda other than to defeat him.

Modi will never again represent the myriad dreams and aspirations of 2014.

Then he was a messiah, ushering in a future too bright to behold, one part Hindu renaissance, one part South Korea’s economic program.

Now he is merely a politician who has failed to deliver, seeking re-election. Whatever else might be said about the election, hope is off the menu,” the article reads.