The Most Expensive Cup of coffee ever for Hardik & Rahul, worthy to ruin their World Cup dreams?

The Most Expensive Cup of coffee ever for Hardik & Rahul, worthy to ruin their World Cup dreams?

Abhishek Kumar Das: While Indians rejoice over M.S. Dhoni, the former Indian skipper becoming the fifth Indian to score 10,000 runs for India, young Indian cricketers K. L. Rahul and Hardik Pandya are being criticised and banned by The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) over their controversial comments on the sixth season of the talk show ‘Koffee with Karan’, where Hardik Pandya’s comments were found to be misogynistic and sexist by the audience as they talked about “Hook-ups” and being open to his parents about it while K.L. Rahul admitted that he was partying till 4 AM before his debut for his national side.

Hardik Pandya (left) and K.L. Rahul (right), have been called back from the tour and await inquiry.

The incident took place just two months before the world cup and it seems that the two might end up missing the chance to live their world cup dream as the nation and the cricketing board seems to be taking the matter seriously and have already called the players back to India from their tour against Australia and in a recent media released the BCCI confirmed that there will be an inquiry against the two and until then they have been removed as a part of the Indian cricket squad.

“The CoA in accordance with the BCCI has decided to suspend Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul from playing any form of cricket after their comments on a TV show”
“The duo will now return to India and an inquiry and proceedings will be made against them for misconduct and indiscipline that have been initiated under Rule 41 of the BCCI Constitution.” read a BCCI statement.

The duo has also been criticized by other cricketers such as Harbhajan Singh who remarked that he won’t even share the team bus with him while the current Indian captain Virat Kohli condemns the comments and called it ‘inappropriate’.

While pundits have been a skeptic of M.S. Dhoni’s position in the squad for the World cup which begins on March, the omission of the two youngsters can be a huge blow for the team.