Shahid Afridi backed up an Independent Kashmir, says humanity bigger than everything

Shahid Afridi backed up an Independent Kashmir, says humanity bigger than everything

Afridi was recently addressing a group of students in the British parliament where, he commented on Kashmir issue.

“I say Pakistan doesn’t want Kashmir. Don’t give it to India either. Let Kashmir be independent. At least humanity will be alive. Let people not die…Pakistan doesn’t want Kashmir…It can’t even manage its four provinces…What is the big thing is humanity. People who are dying there, it is painful. Any death, be it from any community, is painful,” Afridi said.

The issue of Kashmir has been politicized by both the Indian and Pakistani governments after tensions in the region sky-rocketed, and it continues to garner attention from the two countries while international forums remain tight-lipped. Afridi was quick in providing an explanation to his statement before it could create problems for him in his home country.

‘My comments are being misconstrued by Indian media! I’m passionate about my country and greatly value the struggles of Kashmiris. Humanity must prevail and they should get their rights’.

— Shahid Afridi (@SAfridiOfficial) November 14, 2018

This is not the first time that the former batsman has spoken on Kashmir either. He discussed the issue on social media earlier this year and called it ‘worrisome’ and ‘appalling’, while even asking for the United Nations (UN) to intervene. The move was not taken well by the masses and Afridi was even slammed for his comments.

Pakistan’s new government is headed by Imran Khan, a former cricketer himself, and the Kashmir issue continues to be one of the major talking points even during his rule, and Afridi’s comments are bound to be taken negatively by his regime.