One of best Cardio is Skipping… WATCH VIDEO

One of best Cardio is Skipping… WATCH VIDEO


Jumping rope is the best cardio vascular workout. “Apart from burning a lot of calories, it strengthens the upper and lower parts as you’re putting direct stress on knees, ankles, and hips, however if done properly it’s a lower-impact activity than jogging,” Says Dr Sumit Gupta.

The pulse pounding jumping rope should include the five moves that will give you a new appreciation for this intense form of cardio.

Twist: Every time your feet come off the ground, just twist your body to look at the opposite side of the room. Facing each direction before tuning to next step will make the process little bit easier.

Skier: Look forward and jump slightly to the left and then slightly to the right each time your feet move upwards.

Switch feet: Again, look straight, move your feet up and alternate your foot every time

Open-close: Do jumping jacks while skipping rope without putting your hands over your head.

Cross: Cross and uncross both your arms and legs when you jump.

It is an excellent choice of all fitness levels for exercisers who want to improve their cardiovascular training, synchronization, agility, speed, strength, balance, rhythm, timing, and bone density. All you’ll need is a properly-sized jump rope, a flat, firm surface for jumping and a timer is a must.