Netanyahu got booked for bribery and fraud

Netanyahu got booked for bribery and fraud

JERUSALEM: Israel’s attorney general prosecuted Benjamin Netanyahu on a scope of corruption allegations on Thursday, the justice ministry declared, conceivably spelling an end to the PM’s decades-long political job.

Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit “decided to file charges against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for offenses of receiving a bribe, fraud, and breach of trust,” a ministry statement said.

It said a note of the decision and a copy of the charges had been provided to the premier´s lawyers.

Netanyahu, who firmly denies every one of the charges, turns into the primary Israeli PM to be arraigned while in office.

Mandelblit is due to give a public statement today, with Netanyahu expected to respond.

Netanyahu isn’t legitimately required to leave, just whenever indicted with all interests depleted, yet political weight is probably going to be extreme on him.

Netanyahu may now ask the Israeli parliament, or Knesset, to give him insusceptibility from arrest.

Rightwinger Netanyahu, who has been in control since 2009, is Israel’s longest-serving PM and rules the nation’s political arena.

The decision comes as Netanyahu, a close ally of US President Donald Trump, is fighting for his political career.

Israel has been without an elected government for nearly a year, with neither Netanyahu nor his centrist rival Benny Gantz able to form a government following deadlocked elections early this year.