“Gadhimai Mela” in Nepal Witness Thousands of Animal Sacrifices

“Gadhimai Mela” in Nepal Witness Thousands of Animal Sacrifices

Devotees believe the sacrifice, appeases “Gadhimai” the Goddess “Kali” which brings them luck and prosperity.

Dr. Mehak Jonjua: A huge number of Hindu devotees gathered at a temple in southern Nepal where a large number of animals and birds got sacrificed this week, amidst an outcry from animal rights activists who said the practice was a brutal and frightful exhibition.

The festival “Gadhimai Mela” held every 5 years at the Gadhimai sanctuary in Bara in southern Nepal, is accepted to be the biggest such mass-butcher occasion on the planet and animal rights activists have been battling to end the ritual for years.

About 80% of Nepal’s 30 million populace is Hindu and many sacrifice animals to please divinities during celebrations. A large number of devotees make a trip from India to sacrifice animals at the festival. On Tuesday, devotees carrying swords and enormous bent knives called “Kukri” beheaded more than 3,000 buffaloes close to the temple, witnesses said. Animal sacrifices proceeded on Wednesday when goats and different animals were butchered.

“There is no justification for this mass slaughtering, and it is really sad to observe,” said Tanuja Basnet, director of the Nepal unit of Humane Society International, in a release that likewise approached the Nepal government to present a law prohibiting animal sacrifice.

In 2016, Nepal’s Top Court said the ritual ought to be banned, and it asked the government to outline a law that would step by step to finish the cruel practice. As per reports by Reuters the government has started to execute the court order.

As per local Police, fewer animals were sacrificed this year contrasted with five years back due to awareness and campaigns.

The heads of the sacrificed animals are buried in huge pits and hides, the skin is sold to traders. Some of the locals take the dead animals away for meat.