Cricket 19: A new addition to the virtual cricketing world

Cricket 19: A new addition to the virtual cricketing world

by Abhishek Kumar Das: It’s been over a decade since American game developing company Electronic Arts, better known as EA launched ahead of its time cricket game ‘Cricket 07’ that ruled the hearts of cricket fans around the world, giving them an opportunity to feel what it feels like to be a player on the field.

And now, it’s a game from Big Ant Studios that hopes to follow to footsteps of EA’s Cricket 07 and Don Bradman Cricket, as a game to make cricket games more mainstream with the upcoming launch of their new game called ‘Cricket 19: Official Game Of The Ashes’ in association with the cricketing board of England and Wales.

According to the official website of the gaming company, the game will feature really advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to make the game more challenging and interesting for the player.

“When bowling, the AI will note player wise and team’s weakness and target that with a concentrated bowling strategy. When batting, the AI will rotate striker to protect weaker players, and actively look for gaps in the field.”

The game will also feature a ‘first person’ gameplay which is the first of its kind in a cricket game and will also feature gaming modes such as the scenario mode, where the user will have to adapt to the given situation. It also features various stadiums, and the ability to play both offline and play multiplayer online due to its availability on gaming platforms such as Nintendo Switch.