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About Us

The brahmastra strives to be a powerful and reliable platform sharing the world’s latest news stories. It aspires to be a conduit facilitating unbiased, extensive, intelligent and curated journalism that informs and inspires.We, the news desk at Brahmastra always endeavour to cut through all that mars modern journalism- the likes of white noise of reprinted press releases, churnalism and knee-jerk punditry. Instead, we aim to keep our style of journalism inclusive, honest, unbiased, as well as reflective, where our readers get involved in our stories and develop insightful thinking and introspection.
With a liberal stand on editorial and unswerving presentation of the valuable facts, The Brahmastra strives to passionately aid, understand and increase influential audience that steers the world out of all negative divides.It is our cherished dream to play an active role in creating informed, intelligent and empowered readers who shape a magnificent future as global citizens.