A Farmer names, Twin Born Calves as BJP & Congress

A Farmer names, Twin Born Calves as BJP & Congress

As a natural but very rare process, a cow in Madhya Pradesh gave birth to twin calves in Khajuri Kalan village of Bhopal. The owner of the cow when deciding on the name of its calves named both of them after the two national political parties, the name best suited the calves in the current election state, he said.

The owner of the cows has named the calves BJP and Congress. He said that while the political parties keep fighting, the twin calves will work on the fields together for the development of the nation.

“For the last few days, we have been hearing the cacophony of political campaigning and promises of development. But this usually lasts only for a few months during elections. Villagers have been talking about their political views and workers of both parties are claiming to better than the other. So I decided to name my calves BJP and Congress, At least symbolically they can work together,” Dhan Singh said.

Interestingly, 99.5 percent of natural cow birth produce only one calf.


pic credits: Sammantha Fisher