A Cop in Madhya Pradesh Leads by Example- Watch Video

A Cop in Madhya Pradesh Leads by Example- Watch Video

In a rare call of duty exemplary, a police cop did run almost 1 and a half kilometers whilst carrying an injured man over his shoulders to ensure timely medical help to the victim.

The Braveheart constable Poonam Billore, from Madhya Pradesh Hoshangabad, took this step as the ambulance couldn’t reach the accident spot, where, a man had reportedly fallen from the running train.

In the video, the cop can be seen lifting the injured man over his shoulder and running along the tracks. Later, the man was admitted to a Hospital. For this act, the cop was appreciated by Police chief of Madhya Pradesh who wrote “Thanks for bringing this to notice. SP Hoshangabad please look into the same and reward/recognize this brave policeman adequately.”

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Billore, said, “The spot was around two kilometers away from the railway gate, even ambulance couldn’t reach. We went by foot and found him critically injured. So to save his life, I carried him on my shoulders to a railway crossing over 1.5 kilometers away. He was then taken to the hospital.” Meanwhile, the injured person is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Hoshangabad.

We salute the supercop, who aptly did the right thing without wasting any time at that very moment and saved a precious life.